WonderBrat Doll 2

Well…. this is what Wally will be quick to recognize as yet another “based-on-a-true-story” strip from our childhood… :-)

I took a little artistic license, as usual, but… well, I’ll let Wally fill in the rest of the story for you, if he wants to, when he wanders by… :-)

On a side note, back in the day (which, for me, was sometime in the early to mid ’70s), for some inexplicable reason, they really did used to make action figures like this.  Their limbs were all held in place by a string, and if you turned the torso just a little too much one way or the other (and what kid doesn’t try to turn his action figures’ torsos further than they’re supposed to go..???), you heard a sickening “snap,” and before you knew it, their arms and legs were dangling uselessly in their costumes (if they didn’t just fall off on the floor!).  I can’t tell you how many “finger puppets” we had in our toy box as kids… I guess we couldn’t bear to part with what was left of our beloved action figures…

Anyone else have any similarly traumatic experiences with their childhood toys…? 😉

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  1. SQLGuru

    I actually “fixed” a couple of Gi-Joes (I didn’t have many….and most of those were obtained from friends — I mostly had Star Wars action figures). Once they were in pieces, you could use rubber bands to fix them….and on top of that, you could swap out parts. It was a little tricky getting the rubber band threaded right, but once you did, they were as good (better?) than new.

  2. Wally

    Yeah, you knew I’d wander by….. :-) Of course, as you well know, it was YOU who sat on MY Robin action figure. So you reversed it by having the older brother break the younger brother’s toy…..hmm…..sometimes I think Hamstertails is just a way for you to transfer blame for your misdeeds……. 😉 Here’s Robin’s picture: http://yesterville.blogspot.com/2009/03/mego-8-robin.html
    I had forgotten about the green gloves and shoes.

  3. hamstertails

    That’s funny, SQL Guru… I don’t think it ever occurred to me to try to fix them… I figured once all their arms and legs fell off, they were mortally wounded… kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t just use rubber bands in the first place!

  4. hamstertails

    Ahhh, memories….. yep, those gloves were always falling off. It was like he was wearing big oven mitts. And I remember chewing on his shoes…. okay, too many memories… :-)

    I also remember we had a Batman with a removable rubber face mask, and that his face got dyed blue from it…. or maybe it was just tough for him to breathe underneath it! :-)

    Yes, Hamster Tails is a wonderful vehicle for me to do a little revisionist history, Wally…. when you make your own strip, you can draw our stories the way you want to, too! 😉

  5. hamstertails

    Thanks for the link to the blog with the Robin doll pictures, btw, Wally! That first picture of Robin is just truly, truly scary…. :-)

  6. Wally

    I like the action poses further down the page. Don’t remember Batman’s blue face….

  7. WillE

    This looks great on the iPad! You really need an iPhone/iPad app!!

  8. hamstertails

    Thanks, WillE! Nice to see ya here!

    I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to get the iPhone/iPad app… I’m doing good to make a website that even looks halfway decent! :-) I’ll have to look into it, though…

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