WonderBrat Begins 5

Ah, yes… much like Superman before him (and probably some other superheroes, too), by merely donning a pair of glasses (in this case, sunglasses), WonderBrat can render himself completely unrecognizable to those closest to him.

… and it helps when some of your friends aren’t all that bright to begin with… :-)

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  1. Nef

    As a kid, I always hated that no one could recognize Clark Kent. All that changed was a pair of glasses and that little curl of hair that he let hang when he was super…

    I also hated that about He-man. Wonder woman was pretty much the same thing.

  2. hamstertails

    Hey, Nef…

    That always bothered me about Clark Kent too. And on the flip side, in the newer Batman movies, he’s wearing a full head mask, but apparently that’s not enough to conceal his identity – he has to talk like he’s been a chain smoker for 50 years, too! Where’s the consistency??

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