Whoosa Good Boy!

I’m not sure exactly how Benji’s gone all this time without noticing that there’s a dog living in his house.  I’ve drawn Skippy (the dog) in several strips; he’s presumably been living with Harold and Benji for a good while now.   Although, I find it funny that he just accepts that a dog is there and starts to play with him, even though he seems to have no idea who it is or how it got there…

I have heard that youngest children have a tendency to be self-absorbed and not always notice what’s going on around them… I don’t know anything about it personally, mind you, but that’s what I hear… 😉

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  1. Frank

    So… it’s only now he notices that the wish he was “pretty consistent with”, on the condition he’d have to pet it every day, had been granted? Funny thing is, I hadn’t really noticed either! 😀 Don’t know how I managed to get the “shake” joke. Wonder what’ll happen when Benji meets George?

    And, replying to your question from last week, my avatar is supposed to be a Eurasian House Mouse. I’m trying to write about him in a blog I’m creating, but I’m trying not to publicize the blog too much before my June 19 post (because on that day, I’ll change my avatar slightly, and the blogpost will explain why.)

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