Walk Along The Countertops

I have absolutely no idea what this strip means…. other than the fact that George is one weird little hamster… :-)

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  1. Frank

    Does this mean he escaped again? Or (arguably) worse, that he escapes every day?

    as for what it means, it’s probably a subconscious reference to “hey diddle didle, the cat and his fiddle”

  2. hamstertails

    Hey, Frank!

    That’s actually a great question… and I like your avatar! Is that a hamster, too? He looks a little mousy to me… then again, George doesn’t look like any hamster I know, either!

    I really hadn’t thought about it, but yes, I guess he must have escaped to be walking along the countertops… especially daily! He does it so often, I’m not even surprised to see him walking around Harold’s house… :-)

    As to what it means, your guess is certainly as good as mine! :-)

    Thanks for reading and saying hello! :-)

  3. Wally

    I think I’m missing something on the last line – “so little for the men to do”??? I’m not sure of the reference.

    BTW, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.! I was reminded by my better half that I completely missed the day this year – my humble apologies. I blame it on a calendar malfunction.

  4. hamstertails

    I’m sure Mike recognizes the last line…

    If I remember correctly, it’s a line that Henry Blake uttered in MASH, I think when he was trying to explain to a General why they were having gurney races at the camp, or something like that….

    In this case, however, it’s basically George’s way of explaining why he’s rolling around on an egg while playing the violin.

    Thanks for the belated annivesary wishes…. and yes…. yes, it must’ve been a calendar malfunction…. 😉

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