Wake Up!

Okay… back to the new stuff!

I had a couple of those dreams recently where I had to take a test but hadn’t been to class all year… I even had a follow-up dream where I told somebody about the dream I’d just had where I was in school and didn’t go to class all year!  That’s how realistic that first dream was.  Anywho, those dreams inspired this strip.

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  1. Hal

    I remember a dream where I had forgotten that I had a certain class and I never went to any of the classes — and then I had to do the final. Boy was I worried. I told another person about the dream and he said he had a similar dream as well. Must be some common kind of deep seated worry that many people have. Hal

  2. MC/Curtis

    My wife had dreams in college that she was had a class she didn’t even know about or realize she was in until the day of the final.

  3. hamstertails

    Hey, Hal and MC…

    I think these themes are pretty common in dreams… I’ve had ones similar to them for years. I’ve also had the ones where you’re naked in church, or naked at the store, what have you… although my wife says those dreams are crazy and she has never had them. And I’m not sure why I really brought it up! 😉 Anywho, thanks for your comments!

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