There’s No Place Like Home

My siblings and I often talk about various old houses we grew up in (we lived in a lot of houses over the years, but there were two in particular where most of us spent our formative years), and how some of us would like to buy one of our old houses and restore it to how it used to be and live there.

For whatever reason, our wives, as a rule, do not share our passion for these houses that they never set foot in, and don’t seem keen on moving back there, even if we had the chance.  Go figure.

So, while it may sound kinda pathetic coming from 40 or 50-something-year-old men, it’s kinda funny coming out of the mouth of an 8-year-old cartoon character… :-)

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  1. Stuart

    My parents still live in the house where I grew up, so even though I’m 40-something, my wife and kids also have had many years of experience there. Now that my parents are thinking about moving to a smaller, more easily-managed place, it’s my kids who are talking about wanting to buy the house I grew up in. :)

  2. hamstertails

    That’s kinda nice that your family has gotten to spend time in your old house, Stuart… it’s hard for spouses to get interested in houses when they’ve never stepped foot in them.

    Spouses in houses… heh, heh… that rhymes… :-)

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