The Mighty WonderBrat!

Ahhh… the Mighty WonderBrat. :-)

If you haven’t read my “About” page, or haven’t known me for a long time, the back story on the WonderBrat is that I created him in or around 1979 for a school assignment.  I don’t remember what the exact assignment was, and unfortunately, I didn’t save the drawing I made, but I drew a cartoon about a boy named Harold Wilson (yes, the same Harold from this webcomic, Hamster Tails) who was also secretly a superhero named WonderBrat.  In the drawing, he was standing on his mother’s sofa in his WonderBrat costume with no shoes and muddy feet.  Hence the “brat” in “WonderBrat.” :-)

That drawing inspired me to create a comic strip called “WonderBrat,” which was the adventures of, of course, WonderBrat, his alter ego Harold, and his not-so-bright but loyal pal Jimmy.  Over the next several years, I added more characters and created about 10 or so WonderBrat comic books, for fun, and to entertain my family and friends.

When I got into my teens, I drew less frequently, but I still brought WonderBrat back from time to time; he appeared a few times in our high school newspaper, and for a year or so in the Daily Kent Stater, my alma mater’s paper.  I even painted WonderBrat on the side of a buddy’s car once in high school.  I also briefly had a WonderBrat website for a little while, and submitted some WB strips to the syndicates that were, of course, politely rejected…

Fast-forward to last year, when I started wanting to create a new webcomic.  I still liked the characters in WonderBrat, but didn’t really want a strip centered around a kid superhero, so I left him out, and created Hamster Tails.

And yet, I still enjoy drawing WonderBrat – I’ve always liked drawing his costume and his flowing cape, and I like his sarcastic attitude.  Recently, I began coming up with ideas for some  strips involving WonderBrat, and I finally decided that I’d let him guest star in some Hamster Tails strips.

I haven’t decided for sure exactly what my plans are with him.  I’m kind of just drawing some strips involving him occasionally, and seeing what happens.  He is a fun change of pace for me to draw, and I like the idea of him being a minor character I can draw when I want to, and not draw when I don’t want to. 

So you’ll be seeing more of him, and another crime-fighting buddy of his, probably very soon.  If I enjoy drawing him, and you guys like seeing him, he may stick around.  We shall see…. stay tuned, and feel free to let me know what you think about him!

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