The Great PBJ Caper 5

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  1. The Benz

    There goes Wonderbrat’s credibility and reliability…
    or does it?

    It might have also been the hamster.

    Whodunit? Unfortunately, we all have to wait until Thursday.

  2. MC/Curtis

    Hahahaha! The suspense!
    Even as a kid I liked bread crust, but I guess most kids didn’t.

  3. hamstertails


    Whodunit indeed, Benz?? Tune in Thursday, when all will be revealed!!

    Well… they’re gonna keep their clothes on and everything. It’s a family-friendly cartoon. I mean we’ll find out whodunit. 😉

  4. hamstertails

    I never liked ’em as a kid, Curtis, but somewhere along the way, I figured out they aren’t all that bad. I even eat the end piece, which we always called the “heel,” which I also would never have touched as a kid…

  5. MC/Curtis

    I like the heel. Of course I am a heel so I might be partial.

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