The Great PBJ Caper 1

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  1. Oldskoolguitar

    At his age that is the end of the world.

  2. hamstertails

    That’s true, Oldskool! And he is about to overreact, as only Jimmy can!

  3. MC/Curtis

    The cafeteria food at my elementary school was horrible too. Why was pizza day only once a month?

  4. JoanH

    One day, a certain SOB stole my lunch in junior high. I left a trap lunch (consisting of a mustard sandwich) in my cubbyhole in case he did it again, but he never bit.

  5. hamstertails

    I packed a lot in school because I wasn’t crazy about the cafeteria food (and was picky, to boot), Curtis…and I had a sandwich stolen out of my lunch at work once, Joan… it was a pretty shocking thing, relatively speaking. I think those experiences are where this story came from…

  6. hamstertails

    I miss those little square pizza slices they used to serve in school… :-)

  7. Wally

    Meh, not me…..I mean, the square slices were cute, but I never liked the flavor….like most of the food in the cafeteria. They did make a sweetened rice that I really liked. To this day, I won’t eat most cooked spinach….it’s OK in a recipe so long as I don’t see much of it. The cafeteria used to make heaps of cooked spinach, and I could barely set foot in the cafeteria on those days. The smell was (and is) nauseating to me. There was one kid, Billy, who liked it, and he’d eat everyone else’s…….I still shudder at the memory. :-(

  8. hamstertails

    Eww. That all sounds pretty nasty to me, Wally. I don’t remember any sweet rice, or cooked spinach. They used to serve us that square pizza at church sometimes too when we had events there over the years when I was a kid, and they’d always serve that McDonalds orange “drink.” Do you remember that? I never remember seeing that drink at any actual McDonalds, but they always served it to us at church. Weird.

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