Summer Camp

I always liked going to summer camp as a kid.  In fact, I went until I got too old to go anymore, and then became a camp counselor for a little while.  But it’s much more fun to draw a strip about a kid who doesn’t want to go to camp, and actually thinks he has a choice in the matter. :-)

On a coincidental note, my niece Sarah is away at camp for a couple of weeks.  Hi, Sarah!  Have fun!  Don’t get chomped by any queen snakes!

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  1. Frank

    Looks like the beginning of a new arc. It’s funny that Harold is so used to not making his own decisions, he has Jimmy write the letter for him :)

  2. hamstertails

    Hey, Frank!

    It does look like the beginning of a new arc…. but it’s not. I thought about extending it into a camp story, but decided not to. I’m sure I’ll do one down the road, though…

    And you’re right – like most 8-year-olds, Harold’s got a lot less autonomy than he thinks he does. :-)

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