Here is the page where you can buy books of my comics!  If you’d like me to autograph one (or more) of my print books to you personally (although I can’t imagine why you would!), email me first and we can make arrangements for that.

Print Books

The Complete Book of WonderBrat   Front Cover

This is pretty much every comic strip I ever drew, from my first comic books beginning at age 10 in 1979, up through strips from my webcomic site in 2012.  It also includes strips that ran in my college newspaper, and lots of commentary from me throughout.  It’s a monstrosity, but it’s a reasonably priced one! :-)



I’m Telling Mom!front cover2

This is a much smaller collection of strips from this very site!  If you want to see my strips but would like to do it the old-fashioned way, this is the way to go!






I have just recently begun to offer e-books, for those who like doing things the new-fashioned way!  I currently have two, but more will be on the way soon!

My books are located at a site called  It’s run by a terrific guy named Alix Jackson.  He saw my comics and liked them and asked if I’d like to join his site, and now I have e-books!  Dollar Downloads has comics, e-books, music, graphic novels, and a whole lot more from independent artists around the world!  I’m excited and happy to be a part of it!


I’m Telling Mom!front cover2

This is the e-book version of the print book above!





Watching Paint Dry
Front Cover

Again, a small collection of strips from this site.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want your money back! 😉





The Mighty WonderBrat!

Front Cover

A collection of strips from this site featuring the Caped Third Grader, occasionally joined by his acne-riddled crime-fighting comrade, the Amazing Zitman!





Goose Liver Surprise!

It’s the questionable spreadable luncheon meat you love to hate! A collection of strips from this site involving the usual nonsense, chicanery and skulduggery!





The Hamster Chewed at Midnight!

A collection of hilarious strips, plus a bonus – the 1980 classic tragicomedy, “In Memory of George”!  Expertly drawn and rendered in pencil and magic markers by the 11-year-old version of yours truly.  It even makes sense at times!





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