Phone Boof

I always used to draw Harold running into a phone booth to change into WonderBrat (a la Superman).  These days, it’s hard to even find a pay phone, let alone a phone booth that you can actually walk into, so I started wondering what Harold might use to change into WonderBrat now, and of course, porta-potties were the first thing to come to mind…. :-)

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  1. Wally

    This one made me laugh out loud….at work, no less. Great comic, though my co-workers think I’m a little strange now……

  2. hamstertails

    Oh, come on, now, Wally… I’m sure they suspected it before! 😉

    Sorry… couldn’t resist! :-) I’m really glad you liked the strip, though – making people laugh out loud is music to the cartoonist’s ears! :-)

  3. maddog

    Funny and true!!

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