Off The Deep End 3

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  1. Wally

    Are you drawing from my memories here? I had early a.m. swim lessons in the (unheated) outdoor pool at the “Y” in North Industry, and didn’t learn to swim until I taught myself a few years later. Mom couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to get under the freezing water…..

  2. hamstertails

    Ya know… just because *some* of the strips are about you…. doesn’t mean they’re *all* about you, Wally…. 😉

    I may have subconsciously borrowed from your memories, but I also remember that as a kid at Camp Carl, my friend Erik and I nicknamed the pool the “Frigid Water Swimming Facility”… guess a lot of pools like to torture kids by freezing ’em, eh? :-)

  3. JoanH

    Put my face underwater? Willingly?! I have told friends in the past that if they ever saw me underwater in the pool, to please pull me out because this was a horrible mistake. On a serious note, there is little known physiological reaction that if water rushes up your nose, it will cause you to go unconscious. There was a murderer in England who used this (look up “The Brides In the Bath”). Is it any wonder some of us are adverse to swimming? 😛

    As for tapping into memories, you’ve certainly mined a lot of ours! :)

  4. hamstertails

    Thanks, Joan… although I don’t know if I’ve conjured up good memories for you or not! 😉 Glad you’re enjoying the strips, though! :-)

  5. MC/Curtis

    Well I guess it’s a quick way to wake up in the morning at least.

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