Not Gonna Take It Anymore 3

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  1. Wally

    It’s actually spelled “impassioned”…….just sayin’…….. :-)

  2. hamstertails

    Hmm… I’m gonna have to fire my proofreader….. 😉

  3. Ivan

    Didn’t they win in the movie “Major League?”

  4. Ivan

    Actually for a small city, I’d say the triad (I don’t know much about the new Browns) were pretty good, overall.

  5. Gfetters

    Well, at the time I drew this one (2011), the Cavs were horrible, as were the Browns. And the Indians went through two years in a row, if memory serves, where they traded away Cy Young award winners because they couldn’t afford to keep them. It wasn’t a great time in the city’s sports history.

  6. Gfetters

    They won ML 2, I think. Can’t remember for sure!

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