Much Ado About Nothing 4

I feel a little weird about the fact that you can’t see Harold’s dad’s head in this strip.  My dilemma was that, while I’ve been drawing Harold off and on for over 30 years, I’ve never drawn his dad.  I’ve never drawn any adults in the strip, so I had no idea what his dad looked like… and that was a little daunting to me.  In the end, I chickened out by putting the word bubble over his face…. and although it’s kind of a funny way to get around it… I still feel a little weird about it.  Although not weird enough to change it. :-)

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  1. Frank

    Love how you show the adult’s faces… or don’t show them… well you know

  2. Dono

    Well, we DID get a glimpse of Mom just a few panels back in the babysitter bit. I’m fine with parents appearing this way ala Shultz.

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