Looking For Presents 6

This storyline was loosely based on real life – I couldn’t find my presents one year and my parents told me at some point later that they’d hid them in one of their car trunks.  It was a perfect place to hide them –  I honestly didn’t even know where my parents kept their car keys, and it never would have remotely occurred to me to actually try opening their car trunk even if I had suspected they were in there (which I didn’t).  If one of us had gotten caught taking their keys and opening their trunk, whatever presents were in there probably would have gotten returned anyway! 😉  Or I’d be in too much pain to sit down and open them. :-)

They probably resorted to the trunk because I’d found all their other hiding spots – their closet, and one year, they hid them in the last place I looked – in the cupboard underneath the sink in the basement. That’s probably the only time I ever opened that cupboard. :-)  That was a pretty good spot.  Not good enough, though, obviously, so they had to escalate things a bit after that.

Anyhow, I am taking a short hiatus until the New Year, so we’ll see you on Monday, Jan. 5th!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! :-)

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