Hamster Flying


Well, if you haven’t visited the site in a while, I’m sure that things look a little bit different than they did the last time you were here.  If they don’t, please go clean your glasses, and then come back and look again. :-)

I decided to redesign the site, and I’m basically rebuilding it from the ground up.  I should preface that by saying that I do not know doodely squat about designing a website.  I used to use a program called FrontPage, and I designed it in WYSIWYG, which is all I knew how to do.  It worked, but, well, it looked like it was designed by somebody who didn’t know doodely squat about designing.

I am now using WordPress, with a theme called ComicPress.  I am learning as I go, and making zillions of calls to my web host’s tech support, begging them for help.  I must sound pretty pathetic, because they keep helping me, which is really great.

So the process is slow, and I probably won’t be putting up a lot of new strips until it’s done.  I will keep you posted, though, and invite you to peek back in any time you like.  I’m hoping to create a site that will make it worth your wait.  If it isn’t, I have a few relatives who I’m sure will let me know. 😉

Want to BUY this cartoon to use on your website, newsletter, as an illustration for your book, or for any print or digital project you’re working? Just email me at garytoons2@gmail.com.

Want to see some of my other work? Go here.

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