Going Noplace Fast

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  1. Frank

    Jogging outside: a good way to keep warm and avoid catching a cold. It’ll also make you sweat a lot
    Standing outside drenched in sweat: a good way to catch a cold

    Am I the only one who thinks our actions don’t make much sense?

  2. Wally

    Ha! Good one! I hate having to stop in the middle of a run. Though if he’s breathing that hard, he’s probably running too fast……unless it’s a fartlek or tempo run……

  3. hamstertails

    No one ever accused human beings of making very much sense, Frank! 😉

  4. hamstertails

    I should’ve figured you’d enjoy a strip about running, Wally! You might be right about Harold running too fast, although, regarding the other things you mentioned, I don’t know if he had gas or not…. I certainly hope not, for Jimmy’s sake!

  5. Wally
  6. Wally

    By my last comment it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I really didn’t think I was being excessive……

  7. hamstertails

    I think it’s because it had links in it; my website wanted to make sure it wasn’t spam. But always comment in moderation, I like to say…

  8. hamstertails

    Thank you for the links. It’s a lot more fun for me to make fun of words than to actually learn about them, but I will click on them sometime, I promise. :-)

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