WonderBrat & Zitman (Alias Mike Fetters)

WB book 7a small

Well, if I hadn’t already embarrassed my brother Mike enough by revealing his secret¬†superhero identity in the local newspaper, I plastered it loud and clear on the cover of this book for good measure!

You can see that Zitman has hardly changed at all physically since his debut here in 1980, except that I’ve learned how to draw leg muscles, at least a little bit, since then.¬† Man, he had some seriously fat ankles, back in the day, didn’t he…? ;-)

By the way… in case you were curious about WonderBrat’s look, his costume does kind of resemble Superman’s a little bit, but actually, my main influences for his outfit were Underdog and Superhost.

underdog smallsuperhost small

I used to watch Underdog cartoons on TV all the time as a kid; I loved his outfit, and his skinny little arms and flowing cape… and if you grew up in NE Ohio in the 70′s or 80′s, you probably remember Superhost… he hosted a kids’ show on Saturday afternoons; he’s the guy who introduced me to the Three Stooges and Godzilla movies. So, I think WonderBrat’s costume is a pretty good way for me to pay homage to both of these guys… :-)

Book 6

In Memory of George

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  1. reynard61

    Oh YES!!! I *DO* remember Superhost!!! I wasted many a Saturday afternoon watching cheesy Sci-Fi movies when I lived in Cleveland in the late-’60s/early-’70s! I regret nothing!!!

  2. hamstertails

    Lol…. that’s great, Reynard! Yeah, Superhost was great. That’s very cool that you grew up in NE Ohio and rotted your brain on Saturday afternoons right along with me! :-)

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