Flying Monkeys

WE’RE BACK!!!!!  :-)

After almost a month, the site redesign is finally done, and I can actually go back to being a cartoonist again!  Yay!!

Boy, what an ignominous strip to come back with, eh?  (There’s the vocab word for the day!)  Well, I figure if you can’t gross some of your audience out occasionally, you’re really not doing your job…

I hope that you like the new site design.  It should be easier for you to find your way around, at the very least, with the new navigation buttons below the strip, and the calendar archives on the right, and the search box on the left.  And… it’s got a blog!  Now I can punctuate my comic strips with inane statements!  What could possibly be better than that??

Let me know what you think… although if you hate it, you’re probably out of luck because it took me a month just to get it to look like this!  And let me know if you find any problems on the site…

Enjoy!  Thanks for coming back! :-)

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