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  1. Frank

    Hilarious! But what’s that wierd number?

  2. hamstertails

    Hey, Frank! Long time no see!

    The # is a code I had to post on my site in order to get registered at technorati.com.

    OR…. it’s a secret code, that a spy gave me when he called me in the middle of the night and demanded that I post it on my site! Right after he told me how the green bucket had fallen into the blue water!

    I’ll never tell……….. 😉

  3. Hal

    Did you erase the weird number? I’m looking for it. Did the spy get it and let you know how the silver moon set over the sauterne colored river? Hal

  4. Hal

    Oh, I see — it’s not in the comic itself. It’s on the green background on the web page itself. Amazing how one’s mind get’s set on looking and does not see other obvious things.

  5. hamstertails

    Like trying to see the forest through the trees! :-)

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