I took a few creative liberties, as usual, but this is yet another based-on-an-event-from-my-childhood strip….

I was the scaree… the scarer didn’t have a camera and didn’t get grounded (although, he should have!), but otherwise, it went down pretty much like this…

Right, Wally…. ? šŸ˜‰

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  1. Wally

    Yeah, unfortunately no cameras were involved…..but rarely have I seen someone actually jump quite so high……

    Your door was slightly ajar, as I remember, and that lended to the surprise because I was able to enter the room silently. I just stood there, waiting for that “someone’s behind me” sense to kick in for you…….

    And no grounding. I don’t even remember if Mom knew what happened……

  2. maddog

    My kids watched that alien baby video and each one of them fell out of their chair and scampered across the room. It was priceless

  3. hamstertails

    Yep, I’ve seen those too, maddog… my reaction was probably a lot like that. :-)

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