I’ve been drawing comics since my brother gave me his Peanuts comics books as a kid.  I’m sure you couldn’t tell a resemblance between Charles Schulz’s stuff and mine, so I wanted to point that out. 😉


“I’m Telling Mom!” actually began life as a comic strip called “WonderBrat” that I created when I was about 10 years old.  You can see some of the WonderBrat books I created decades ago on the “WonderBrat Books!” link above.


WonderBrat was nearly identical to this strip, except that Harold occasionally turned into a superhero named, as you may have guessed, WonderBrat.  I hadn’t been coming up with many new ideas for WonderBrat in recent times, but had lots of ideas about the kids themselves, so I changed the name of the strip to reflect that.  I called the comic “Hamstertails” for a few years online, and a while back changed the name again to “I’m Telling Mom!”.


As of Jan. 2016, “I’m Telling Mom!” is currently on hiatus.  I am taking a break from it to work on my new comic strip, Oscar and Annie!  Please come see me there!  In the meantime, there’s tons of stuff to explore here, and I hope you’ll come enjoy my new comics as well.



If you’d like to drop me a line, you can reach me at garytoons2@gmail.com.



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