Inner Ear

I can’t think of a more fitting cartoon to start a hiatus on than this one!  For better or worse, this one sums up my sense of humor pretty well!

That’s right… I am taking a hiatus from “I’m Telling Mom!”.  As you likely know, I’ve been drawing this strip off an on under various names since childhood (and if you didn’t know, check out the links to my earlier comics here on the site!), and from time to time I take a hiatus to work on other projects.

I am very excited to announce that I am starting work on a brand-new comic strip!  It’s called Oscar and Annie, and you can find it here.

I am really excited about it – it’s very different in tone from this strip – and I hope that you really enjoy it.

In the meantime, again, please check out all of the other stuff here on my site – there’s a ton of stuff going back to the late ’70s!  And I’m adding more old cartoons all the time.  And thanks again also, so much, for reading my comics.  I look forward to seeing you on my new site soon!


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